Kuwait diplomatic row: illegal DFA activity plus over-enthusiastic video sharing equals OFW economic disaster!

Let's be objective. From what I've gathered, it was the DFA itself who published the videos first. Then Phil Star, then Thinking Pinoy.

Everyone here has a share of blame but it is now moot to point the finger as the damage had already been done. But let's break it down.
To begin with, the operation of DFA was an outright disrespect to the sovereignty of Kuwait, regardless of how "good" the intentions were. This was only made worse when they documented the whole thing AND published the video for public consumption. Imagine the impression a sovereign country would get when you're smuggling its workers out RIGHT UNDER ITS NOSE. Yeah, infuriating.

As for the video sharing, given that the faux pas had already been committed, the DFA could have still removed the video immediately, done some damage under control with the guise of some stupid personnel or something, and the whole thing could hypothetically have been prevented. Emphasis on the word "hypothetically."

The problem worsened when Phil Star and TP shared the video. I mean let's admit it, people only check out the DFA website most of the time for passport applications, not its press or video releases.

Phil Star published it as news hence its rapid spreading and TP added to it by finally making the video viral through his enthusiastic followers.

I see no point for Phil Star and TP to apologize on this whole mess, though. The Embassy of Kuwait couldn't even begin to give a damn about the sniveling apologies of some newspaper and some sensational blogger. But that's not to say that they don't share the blame--just that their apologies matter for zilch.

What must be done now is for DFA AND the President to apologize to Kuwait because ultimately, the buck stops with the DFA and in extension the PH govt. The DFA shared a video of an illegal operation.

You know the old Filipino saying: "Ayos lang na magloko ka, 'wag ka lang papahuli."
E kaso nahuli e.

Ronn Zantua as posted on Facebook.


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