Filipino OFWs are the modern-day slaves and their deployment the modern-day slave trade

The OFW economy is the “Hacienda Luisita” economy, implemented during the Aquino era. OFWs are like the tenants of Hacienda Luisita; whereby, they toil from dawn to dusk, on the fields. All working capital is loaned by the hacienda owner; to be paid , at high interest at the time of harvest. Basic provisions of the tenant comes from the hacienda owner’s store. The tenant buys on credit; to be paid during harvest.

Filipino OFWs are our modern day slaves. In the 18th century; we had African slaves, kidnapped in Africa, to be sold as Plantation Workers in U.S. Southern States. Most of the U.S. Southern states, then , had Plantation Owners, with large holdings of lands, planted with cotton. Slaves are worked to death… Slaves are whipped, tortured and maltreated at the slightest mistakes. Women slaves are raped; and made pregnant by the slave masters, to produce more slaves in their household. Slaves are sold in Slave market, like you sell your carabao. The illegal OFW recruiters are like the slave traders of the past.

So, we can see the plight of the Filipino OFWs. They are maltreated, raped , murdered and placed in freezers. However, the OFW earnings float the Philippine economy. Corrupt government officials steal OFW tax earnings. These are the : blood, sweat and tears of Filipino OFWs.

Unless, we can create more jobs, here in our country. We will be always be dependent on OFWs, to solve our unemployment problem. We are losing the brains, skills and talents of our country, with this OFW program. It is like Shabu. We are addicted to it.

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