DFA "rescue" of OFWs and "viral" video were stupid, but Filipinos should get over that and find solutions to the OFW problem

It is too much that you are asking for the resignation of DFA people. Solve the problem. Do not fight over the problem . Why are there undocumented unskilled workers in Kuwait anyway ? Where these people victims of illegal job recruiters ?

Being in a foreign country; and being undocumented is already a crime in any foreign country. It is like the Filipino TNTs or Filipino Tago ng Tago, in the U.S. They are subject to outright deportation. Or like the Mexican laborers, who climb the fences on the U.S. -Mexican border, to work as fruit pickers, during harvest season.

The rescue mission of DFA people, is a stupid one. Much more taking videos of the rescue of undocumented Filipinos. The Kuwaitis are really outraged on this stupid decision of some people of the DFA. They are further outraged on the uploading of the video on the FACEBOOK. It showed Filipinos, can just flaunt Kuwaiti laws.

And by the way, let us not bash each other’s head for the stupidity of some people. Keep calm, and solve the problem. The stupid decision is done; and you cannot do anything about it.

As I had written earlier, it is the “Kafala System” of foreign workers recruitment, that is the problem here. Any Foreign
Labor Recruiter, who send people to work in foreign countries, must pay fines and serve jail sentences.

The Office of Migrant Workers, must be separated from the Department of Foreign Affairs. It must be a Department of Foreign Workers, with a serving Secretary of Foreign Workers. The Department, itself has to oversee, that there are no Filipinos going in foreign countries, to work as undocumented OFWs. The Department will also oversee the Recruitment process of Filipino foreign workers. Its job is to coordinate with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Labor, in the overseeing their contracts with foreign employers. That what is in the labor contract, especially the pay and benefits are followed; including work hours and vacations.

Our OFW has grown very large already. It is hard for the DFA and DOLE, to handle it. Our OFWs deserve better, than what these stupid people are doing to them..

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