Raissa Robles's follow-up Cambridge Analytica article suffers from a VERY basic logical fallacy

Raissa Robles should quit while she's ahead. Following widespread criticism copped from Netizens over the sophomoric "investigative journalism" she published about the purported involvement of the "parent company" of Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 elections, she published a follow-up "report" that adds even more idiotic logic to the already moronic logic she applied to the earlier...
And why would the cousins La Viña and Laviña motor all the way to the National Press Club in Manila (which is so out-of-the-way from Makati, Pasig and Bonifacio Global City) just to listen to a foreign guy jaw off about a new way of conducting an election campaign? 
Six months after that meal, Duterte had tossed his mayor’s hat into the presidential ring and the cousins had become a central part of his campaign team: Pompee La Viña as the “social media director” and Peter Tiu Laviña as the campaign spokesman.

The above practically serves as a textbook example of ad hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy where one wrongly concludes that "because two events occurred in succession, the former event caused the latter."

Considering that Robles already fails in "investigative journalism" by habitually putting the journalism before the investigation, it is quite laughable that the "investigation" itself falls flat on its face. Filipinos should know better than to take Robles's "reports" seriously. She has lost all credibility and comes across today as a sad shell representing a fallen profession.


  1. Raissa is an epitome of lazy journalists.

    ay hindi, lets promote her as the perfect epitome of the next door neighbourhood chismosa.


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