Philippine "vice president" @LeniRobredo to Manila Times columnist @BobiTiglao: "Bring it on!" 😮

Philippine "vice president" Leni Robredo's claws are finally out. And the object of her wrath is Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao who, in a recent piece in column titled I’m fuming mad at the European Parliament and the Liberal Party, wrote how Robredo "met with German members of the European Parliament to urge them to have the April 18 resolution passed" during a trip to Germany with fellow Yellowtard leaders. The resolution sought to "urge" the Philippines to "stop extrajudicial killings of drug suspects".

Robredo lashed out on Twitter claiming (despite boasting about never having read any of Tiglao's articles) that all that was "fake news"...

I recently called out a fake news purveyor for lies about my Germany trip. Instead of admitting fault, he emailed my office threatening to print more fake news. I’ve held my peace before, trusting that truth will prevail. We can no longer let lies go unchallenged. So bring it on.

This is really unprofessional behaviour specially for a "vice president" wannabe. A proper statesperson would respond to the media in a formal statement via the proper channels rather than lob serious "fake news" accusations over social media. Also it would help if she articulated in a precise manner, point by point, why it is exactly she believes Tiglao's assertions are to be regarded as "fake news". Facts matter, right?

Robredo is, indeed, not fit to to be "vice president" and it is only fitting that her claim to that office is now being challenged.


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