Filipinos are unable to unite because EMPATHY is not a part of their national character

It's actually a weird human constant to unite against a common enemy. Europeans argued with each other before WW2, and carried on arguing afterwards. For that brief period between 1938 and 1945, they had a common goal.

This lesson wasn't missed by US economists, who decided that the best way to keep an economy bubbling is to invent a mythical enemy and keep the country on a permanent war footing. And it worked ... with the unfortunate side effect of producing a belligerent, paranoid population, not to mention a whole load of ill-advised wars against people who really weren't enemies.

Nevertheless Europeans still manage to get along nicely without killing each other these days, and IMO they do that because they have a heightened sense of empathy. This is a learned skill. It is not innate, and Filipinos don't value it enough to learn it. Basically, Filipinos see other Filipinos as an obstacle in the road of life, or as prey. They are, by and large, callous and indifferent, or at worst derive pleasure from the suffering of others.

If Filipinos can't learn to have a basic level of concern for each other (and for their surroundings), the very idea of shared goals will never mean anything. If you don't value the life and feelings of your immediate neighbors, why would you care about the wellbeing of your city or your country?

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