Filipinos have a problem with the Chinese because the Chinese are successful and succeed QUIETLY

What IS your problem with the Chinese? They keep their heads down, they support each other, and they get on with their work. Which is a lot more than can be said for Filipinos. I’ve met quite a lot of Chinese-Filipino businessmen, and the majority are smart, honest and trustworthy. That is WHY they are successful. People who cheat, lie, and scam their customers rarely get anywhere; and that is WHY Filipinos are (mostly) poor and miserable.

Those involved in the drug trade (for example) are here because Filipinos want them here. The people making the money, setting up the ground-level deals, and basically betraying their own country are Filipinos. Same with mining companies and timber thieves: it might be Chinese buyers operating the ships, but it’s Filipinos operating the chainsaws and the excavators.

And of course they’re in the game for the money. What’s wrong with that? What else would you have them do? And why SHOULD they help you “move forward as a people”? What business is that of theirs, especially since Filipinos (a) don’t consider Chinese-Filipino citizens as “proper” Filipinos and (b) are endlessly bellowing about how proud they are and don’t need any help from anyone?

Basically I’m pointing out that the weak WILL be preyed upon by the strong. That’s been the way of the world since forever. The way to stop that happening is to stop being a bunch of whining, self-loathing failures, get up off your knees, and start copying the Chinese. Your bizarre conspiracy theories are not going to help you “move forward as a people”.

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