Kris Aquino attests to the good character of President Rodrigo Duterte complete with the DDS fistbump emoji! 👊

In a single tweet, Queen of Philippine Showbiz lays out her new position following a spat with erstwhile wannabe First Lady Koroma Sanchez...

I apologize sa Kuya ko, humihingi rin ako ng paumanhin sa ninang ko na nanay ni Mar- pero klarong klaro sa kin kung bakit ang nanalong Pangulo ay si DUTERTE. 👊

[Translated: I apologise to my Big Brother and ask forgiveness to my godmother who is Mar [Roxas's] mother. It is clear to me now why Duterte won the presidency.]

Complete with the trademark Duterte fistbump emoji!

What did Korina Sanchez do to attract the awesome ire of the other Megastar? According to, Sanchez did a feature on James Yap, his new wife Michela Cazzola, and their son Michael James in her show Rated K. No further details beyond that so far other than that Aquino attested to what she seemingly regards now as Duterte's gentlemanly character...

Si PRRD lahat nung pagkakataon na nagkaharap kami, mabuti ang pinakita sa kin.

[Translated: At all times I've met with President Duterte, he treated me in a kind way.]


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