The stupid logic of the COMELEC en banc decision to accept the Liberal Party SOCE @jabjimenez @commrguanzon

EXCUSE ME?! Why do we have laws, rules in the first place?

The majority felt it was absurd if the deadline was retained, since it would defeat the purpose of the vote?

[The PDI quotes Jimenez, saying -- "The problem [in not extending the deadline]  is it will essentially defeat the voice of the voters who voted for certain candidates but will not be allowed to assume office simply because they have no SOCEs. That is what we want to avoid."


Candidates and parties are obligated to act in a way that protects the voters' choice -- starting with following rules and laws, as they are sworn to do.

It is NOT the Comelec's job to bend backwards for the candidates in the name of voters. That is as sorry an excuse as I've ever heard.

-- Jimenez said the extension will benefit five senators, 115 congressmen, and 40 governors, who otherwise will not be allowed to take office if the extension was denied.

"Medyo malaki 'yung effect nito, and so the extension will benefit everyone. Not just one party in particular, but the extension will be available for everyone, all parties, all candidates," he said.

"Yung ganoon karami ang hindi makakaupo dahil hindi sila nagfile ng SOCE."

The poll body's Campaign Finance Office (CFO) on Wednesday recommended the denial of the party's request, saying granting so would be unfair to all the other national political parties and national candidates who were able to submit their SOCE on time.


Inday Espina Varona as posted on Facebook:


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