Rules trashed by COMELEC to accommodate Liberal Party!

Today, the COMELEC has just totally lost its credibility to become an agent of the rule of law.  How can it continue to be such when it is not capable of enforcing its own rules.

Shame on you!

I am particularly distressed that Commissioners Rowena V. Guanzon and Arthur Lim, two of the Commissioners who fought with us in upholding the rule of law and the Constitution on the case of Grace Poe, are now part of the four who trashed their own rules to accommodate the Liberal Party (the other candidates and parties are just collateral beneficiaries).

Non-extendible deadlines!  Late submissions will no longer be accepted!

What is so complicated about these rules that you could not just implement them, in the same manner that you did not think twice to disenfranchise thousands of voters who failed to have their biometrics taken within your prescribed period.

I am beyond angry.  I am enraged.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook:


  1. kayo ang gumagawa nang batas tapos di ninyo kayang ipatupad ito sa sarili ninyo batas.ano ito laro lang sa inyo seryoso ito at di biro wala na kaming respeto sa inyo, dapat umalis na kayo sa posisiyon ninyo,


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