'Will of the People' is mere MOB RULE when taken outside the framework of the Law! @jabjimenez @commrguanzon

The will of the people, if used as a standard, outside the bounds of law, is a step backward to the times when the will of the people sentenced gladiators to their deaths.  The will of a raging mob is the will of the people.  Jesus Christ was crucified when the multitude shouted the name of Barrabas.

Modern political systems have abandoned this doctrine and modified it in the context of the rule of law.  It is only when the will of the people operates within the context of the law, and is sanctioned by rules and laws, that the voices of the people become legitimate to nourish Constitutional democracy.

Otherwise, it is a free for all and reduce democracy to how it was lamented by Aristotle, that it just becomes a game of numbers.  This is not democracy as we see it now.  This will be mob rule.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook:


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