Liberal Party and its candidates should NOT get away with SOCE non-compliance!

This is unbelievable!

LP filed their SOCE beyond the period the law mandated.  It was received by COMELEC, invoking ministerial duty.  So it begs the question, will the en banc decide on compliance still? Why?

If we look at the SOCE, it was filed by the Treasurer of the Party.  Nothing wrong there. But uncharacteristically, the contributions and the expenditures were neatly packed.  No single cent saved.

Non-members donated Php181 Million while members donated Php 60 Million for a total of Php 241 Million.  Interesting to see who donated, both for non-members and members.  And how the donations were distributed to national and local candidates.

Since it was a party SOCE, that means it covers all LP candidates who received financial support from the party.

Robredo filed her SOCE with 16M in-kind contribution received from political party (Php241M-Php16M=225M).  How was the 225 M spent?

If we look at the CONA of candidates, there were 8 candidates for the Senate that ran under LP. 5 won.  There were 163 district candidates who ran under LP, 115 won.  There were 50 governors who ran under LP, 39 won.

Those who want to do investigative work, go get the SOCE of the winning Senators under LP and lets see if they got some financial muscles from LP.

Then there is the BIG question mark on Roxas.  Since he did not file, are we to assume that: 1) he financed his own campaign; 2) he breached the campaign limit; and/or 3) government funds intermingled with the minuscule 241 Million?

Please tell me this is not Daang Matuwid. More so what has been claimed as the "politics of decency" that was bannered around during the 90 day campaign period. I can still hear it..."hindi ko kayo nanakawan."

I just have to call a spade, a spade. The people are not stupid.

Malou Tiquia as posted on Facebook:


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