Dissing Ph Media: Duterte goes were traditional politicians fear to tread

I silently and intently watched Duterte Rodrigo this dawn since I failed doing so the first two pressers. Was it shocking? To some probably bec it was totally not traditional presidential talk.

My first tweet, while listening, was this was a leader very angry of how things are. Before, it used to be religious leaders, then politics n politicians, uniformed personnel and now media. Somehow, I find myself cheering every jab. He does not exempt any, including his raw imperfections.

It was totally unstructured w a weave of policies, directives, anecdotes, commentaries, introductions, all mixed and mashed w invectives. Nonsense? Nope! You hv to leave the MNL centric, urban defined lens to understand the incoming president. It was a jarring experience but there were strokes that truly redefine power relations. He primes and frames every hit on various centers of power w a shield often repeated: "I don't care if I lose the presidency, if it causes my life or destroys my reputation." That the leader will do it for the people, fooled for so long, was a reminder to all that the ppl are not with the power centers but w him.

Dissing media was uncalled for before. No pol would dare but this probinsyano's audacity cuts sharp. He knows where he stands w his sword n his people.

And he ends like what I have said before. He is not yet officially a prez until June 30.  He primes n frames, with oft repeated phrases, redefining or altering power relations.

Not much linear there, more and more lateral thinking. Listen, pause n dive in w your cup of knowledge, experience, institutional memory to fully grasp a wily and cunning mind laced w an acerbic tongue, raised and nurtured in Davao, Mindanao, BISAYA and very local.

Only then could you understand the president-elect. It will truly be a learning experience.

So remove the blinds, lens and experience rawness but very strategic positioning on issues, on what matters, such as no long lines when ppl try to get service from govt. no long waits.

We will need to listen a lot.

Malou Tiquia as posted on Facebook:


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