Leni Robredo set to become the 'basang sisiw' Vice President of this administration

Leni (main beneficiary of electoral fraud) is in an awkwardly precarious situation nowadays. They say a cabinet position awaits her, only to be taken back by Du30 – out of deference to his ally and friend BBM (the victim). Then Du30 boycotts being crowned side by side with her.

What I noticed with Du30 is that he will not meddle with the judiciary (pushing for investigations), but he will do things he sees best within his scope/area of control: appointing positions of power in his administration.

Leni might end up like a "basang sisiw" VP with no real / significant role. Worse, she might get the cold shoulder from everyone in Du30's core admin – as if she was stricken with leprosy.

Somehow, divine karmic justice has its way to bite in the end.

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  1. she deserves it... until she bows down, admits reality and corrects the wrong, only then will people start looking at her as someone who might deserve their respect

  2. I didn't want Marcos to get the spot for many reasons but I fear Robredo as # 2 might try to instigate a coup like GMA did and even as a foreigner I think DU30 is the person to lead this country out of its self induced coma quagmire.

  3. Duterte administration isa real and therefore fraud winner Leni has no space suit for her like she will be term as 'saling pusa'


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