Journalist @piaranada who covered Rodrigo Duterte since the early days of the campaign grills the President-elect!

Rappler reporter Pia Ranada Robles: Sir, we have this ordinance nga, the Women Development Code. In the ordinance, it states that catcalling, whistling – sorry, let me just read it, part of it: "Cursing, whistling, or calling a woman in public with words having dirty connotations or implications" is actually sexual harassment, so it seems as if you, uh—

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte: (whistles)

Audience: (few people laugh)

Duterte: You know, you don't have any business stopping me. That is a freedom of expression.

Pia: Sir, your own law says that there is a limit to expression.

Duterte: If you go overboard and you start to harass the woman.

Pia: Sir, the definition in the ordinance is "whistling," so that's already—

Duterte: Well, if you go, you cajole with the woman (whistles). "Miss, uh…" As a matter of fact, when I first saw you, I said… (whistles)

Audience: (silence)

Duterte: Go to another question. You cannot stop anybody from whistling.

Pia: Okay, Sir.

Duterte: But I would say, who gave you the right to presume that I was whistling because I saw you? You have to be in a room, kaisa ka lang, a man and you, and he would whistle (whistles).

Pia: So, Sir, you're saying you were not whistling at Mariz during the time she asked her question?

Duterte: Of course not. That is, ano, objective, or is it subjective? Subjective?

Pia: No, Sir, because she was asking.

Duterte: You are guessing.

Pia: No, no, no, Sir. I'm not guessing. Because she was asking a question, and the question was directed at you, and your reply to her was a whistle. So unless you clarified that you were talking to someone else–

Duterte: I was exasperated by the question. Whistling is not a sexual thing (whistles again, then mumbles)…Wala nang hinto kundi magtanong.

Pia: Sir, for you it might not be sexual, but to others it might. So the world does not revolve around your definition.

(Transcript by Paterno Esmaquel II)

Watch the video here:


  1. What will happen if you the same to his wife or daughter?

    1. what will you feel also if you're misunderstood by people who are uptight and does not get it. These are so called mainstream journo who supposed to be able to discern


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