Rule of Law in the Philippines severely set back by COMELEC en banc ruling!

I have always fought for the rule of law.  That is why I hailed Senator Grace Poe to the COMELEC.  I never lost faith in it, until today.

I have always been critical of people who commit extrajudicial means, but today I am now in a deep bind.  How can I now argue with those who want to take matters into their own hands, and appeal to them to trust the legal system, when right before our very eyes the law has been desecrated by the very people who are sworn to protect it, and in this case by the very same people who issued them.

Never in the history of this Republic was a desecration of the law so blatantly done.  October 2015, the same Commission on Elections of seven members passed a resolution that a majority of them simply trashed today, June 16, 2016, barely 8 months to privilege the Liberal Party.  This is unforgivable.

I will still be an obedient and law-abiding citizen, and will keep on hoping that a legal remedy will be found to take to task those who desecrated the rule of law.

But I will now have to be more understanding of those who would say, "fu*k the law!" for I can also feel their frustration.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook:


  1. The cheaters in COMELEC, those who mock the right of suffrage, should be made accountable---put to jail and made to pay for their unpatriotic act.

  2. And, why would the comelec proclaim a winner when there is a clear breach of law, as there are found witnesses televized to be members of INC..whose people are trained to obey the law and respect their church, thus they had to come out for truth.


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