While Marcos attracted the best and brightest, the Aquinos embraced the dumbest and most crooked

To be fair to Winnie Monsod, she has been a critic of the Binays way, way before Jojo Binay became a VP. So, one wonders what vetting process the Aquino sisters had that they ended up in full support of a Noy-Bi. It is not that the Monsods are not influential on the Aquinos. Winnie was Cory's NEDA Chairperson. The Monsods being the next door neighbor of Juan Ponce Enrile, Winnie was instrumental in asking Cory to take it easy on JPE who became Cory's DND Sec. Though Winnie became one of the bitterest critic of Gloria, Winnie was actually very close to Gloria prior to that and influence Cory to fully support Gloria in EDSA2. (Cory eventually apologized to Erap when Gloria turned out to be a big, big disappointment)

Meanwhile, Christian Monsod was one of the framers of Cory's 1987 Constitution. He was Comelec Chairman during Cory's incumbency in MalacaƱang. He is an executive of the Lopez Group of Companies (ABS-CBN, Benpres and Meralco) - the Lopezes, of course, are very close to the Aquinos. (Well, if PHL has lousy TV programs and the highest energy cost, blame it on the Lopezes)

But then, one has to be very careful with the Monsods, they say so many things in support of the BBL. They are against Binay, but are for BBL, maybe we know where they are coming from.

But then, while Marcos seemed to have attracted the best and the brightest, the Aquinos seem to be a magnet for the most corrupt. Marcos had Gerry Sicat, Cesar Virata, Carlos Romulo, Blas Ople, Manny Pelaez, Fidel Ramos, JPE, etc. With Aquinos, hello Binay, hello Gloria Arroyo, hello Dinky Soliman, hello Puno of DILG, hello Purisima, hello Torres of LTO, hello Abaya of DOTC, hello Vitangcol of MRT, hello Paquito Ochoa, hello Abad, hello Alcala of Agri, hello Joel Villanueva And if not probably the corrupt, the most flaky: hello Mar Roxas, hello Coloma and Lacierda, hello Petilla, hello Coronel Ferrer and Deles, hello Rufus Rodriguez, hello Risa Hontiveros, hello Loretta Rosales of CHR, hello Leah Navarro, hello Jim Paredes, hello DongYan .. Daang Matuwid, or KKK pala?

And now that the forces of Binay and Gloria have come together, we will see who they will attract. Binay said:

Quote.Ang UNA ay hindi samahan ng mga palpak at manhid. Hindi ito samahan ng mga tamad, usad-pagong at teka-teka sa pagharap sa mga problema ng bayan. May sapat na karanasan at hindi bagitong mag-aaral pa lang sa pamamahala at pagsisilbi sa bayan.

Aaminin natin kapag tayo sa UNA ay nagkakamali. Hindi tayo maninisi o magbibintang sa iba. Aakuin natin ang responsibilidad at pananagutan nang buong pagpapakumbaba.

At lagi nating igagalang ang ating Konstitusyon at laging paiiralin ang batas. Patitingkarin natin ang tatlong sangay ng pamahalaan na pinahina ng panunuhol at pananakot. ..Unquote

Wow, fantastic words. Ah well, another cover for a new round of corruption?!! Same, same, parang slogan din ng Daan Matuwid. No wonder the Aquino sisters like Binay, same style, same methodology as their unico hermano.

No, I was not talking of the Games of Thrones, but then who cares about all of you and me, we are not part of the elite. The game is all about the elite and those trying hard to be elite, and the hell with the Philippines as far as they are concerned.

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