#PNoy tried to steal the show from Filipinos in his #SONA2015!

Truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. You just let it loose. It will know how to defend itself.

* * * *

Once again, the people have been invited to the circus (SONA). They said it was the last show for the season; the next season will involve another lion tamer. In the last other shows of the current season, tamer and lion didn't coordinate well. People came, curious if he has finally learnt from his blunders; after all, it was his last show. Unfortunately, this show was worse despite the additional props.

Experts tamers allow lions to be just, well, lions. It is, after all, a lion show. People come to watch the lions; maybe, a little bit of the tamer. But, if the lions did their act well, the credit and accolades will be to the tamer.

But, they booed him; why? Because he tried very, very hard to steal the show from the lions. There he was with his usual chair (the Office of the President) and his whip (presidential power). But, we don't know if he knows that taming is not just about chairs and whips, but also more importantly, about having a good psychological frame of mind in order to be able to read what the lions want. He didn't read the lions well, so the lions were just all over the place uncoordinated. Strange, surreal, mysterious, but they didn't even look like real lions. It was a pathetic sight.

What we don't know is if the crew behind the production are related to the making of the ad of Tide laundry detergent where Vic Sotto, the comedian, is the lead commercial model. That type of ad is called comparative advertising where they compare Tide with another detergent.

How is it that this tamer was trying very hard to compare himself with the previous tamer? The worst part was that he was using the whip of the previous tamer. How did we know that? Because engraved in the handle of the whip, it read: Gloria's economic policies. Still, he was trashing the previous tamer. So, how is it that this tamer looked very much like Vic Sotto? That we will never know; that he had the gall, or kapalmuks, to present himself as a tamer; but more strange, people thought he was a good one. Now, more and more people are admitting they were wrong.

It was supposed to be a lion show, not a stand-up comedy. It wasn't funny, though, he has poisoned the well, so to speak, and the circus air is no longer the same — when lions cannot be lions.

We are pretty sure the next time he gets near the lions, they will devour him; at least, it looks that way now. Aren't we glad it was his last show? Next time, please don't allow a tamer by the name of PNoy, or anything that has a semblance of that, or anything corollary to that.

So, again, to those who have the ambitions of being the tamer, it is important to remember: TRUTH IS LIKE A LION. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DEFEND IT. YOU JUST LET IT LOOSE. IT WILL KNOW HOW TO DEFEND ITSELF.

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