Forget everything you've been taught: #Money is not the root of all evil!

Again, to be repeated for the nth time, again, for the nth time, money is NOT the root of evil. Money is a thing; so, it is amoral. Good and evil can only refer to someone with intelligence; a thing has no intelligence. The correct cliché is: LOVE of money is the root of evil. In other words, greediness is what is evil. Anything in excess is what is not good. Eating too much is not good, drinking too much is not good, etc.

But, it is a horrible situation not to have money. So the lessons from Greece for Philippines, individual-wise and government-wise.

1. Money that you did not work for, or earn, is not good psychologically and sociologically. There is something more uplifting in earning one's own money, or one's own keep. It gives a sense of accomplishment, which in turn gives confidence. And, when there is confidence, it spurs more accomplishments. And when you accomplish more, your outlook of life is positive. Money that is not a product of hard work makes one look at life more and more with negativity, like one was a victim. Is this why PHL generates a negative vibration?

2. Borrowing money is good for it leverages one's capability. Businesses do it all the time to leverage things for growth. But, and this is a big BUT, do not borrow when you even have a small doubt of your paying capability. For unpaid loan brings curse from any angle you look at it. Unpaid borrowing brings unnecessary clouding of the mind and infects whatever one does. It enslaves without one realizing it.

3. Plan, plan, and then plan so that one will not find oneself forced to borrow unnecessarily and in untimely fashion. Prepare for emergency situations.

4. If one borrows, read the fine prints. Banks, financial entities, etc.are full of predators. You give them an inch or any sign of weakness, they will pounce on you within seconds. That is how banks earn big by monitoring the weaknesses of borrowers. It is a tough world, and it is useless saying it is not.

5. Live within one's means. No need to be mayabang, for the last laugh belongs to the humble and the smart and quiet hard worker. Government should stop dole-outs for it insults human dignity and promotes mendicancy, which in turn generates more negative vibration.

6. Do not steal or cheat for that will make you crazy without you knowing it. It rewires the brain, and that is why psychologists say stealing attacks integrity directly. You are no longer unified; your unity as one person disintegrates, you think you are two, three, persons even if one person can only be one person. You see why corrupt politicians talk like mental hospital patients.

7. The world is made up of givers and receivers, but you would rather be on the side of the givers for the more you give the more you receive, money-wise and otherwise.

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