E di wow... More on brain-dead political 'debate' in the #Philippines

Let me see… among the people I am with with everyday…

1) They're busy with their work and livelihood that politics is just another buzz in the media which is understandable;

but what I seem cannot forgive are:

2) A few of them are content with what the media is feeding them.

Example: They are angry because China has occupied a portion of territory in the South China Sea. Ask them how big, they don't know; what is the basis of China's claim, they don't know. They'll just say it's baseless. Ask them what is our basis, they'll just say its ours because that is what is reported in the news (we should defend what is ours! Filipino pride, yeah!!). That's it. End of debate. Ask them what is the update in UNCLOS, they'll just walk away.

3) They seem to be hypnotized by the cheap and crappy TV shows daily that they don't know what's going on around them.

I'm sure that a good portion of the people in my barangay knows who has been evicted in the PBB house but I'm not sure how many of them knows or heard that Iran had finally reached a deal with P5+1 which earlier PM Netanyahu expressed his opposition against it. Ask them "will this affect us?" A few of them will answer but ask them to explain their answer, they'll just smile with a blank face. Sorry to say, a few of them doesn't even know where (or what) Iran is.

My point is I cannot any more hear or experience a good political debate or chat among the people I am always with everyday because their minds are elsewhere. They sometimes try to talk about national issues but their opinions are armed with – "e di wow! ikaw na ang magaling!" and "arte mo bakit di ka mag-abogado!"

Two Filipino recognized heroes said "ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan" and the other said "the Filipinos are worth dying for." For the first, I hope he's right, the other – can we review that?

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  1. Nice observation Vincent

    I have to admit, I'm guilty also of those you describe:
    -Busy @work & livelihood
    -Never mind politics
    -Believe media 100%

    Until Typhoon Ondoy almost killed me and my family, I started to question, be concern and pay more attention on what is happening around, surrounding, weather, and Politics, etc.

    I soon realized I need to be involve and because of my technical experience, exposure & profession I started to ask and seek answers to the following:

    1. Why Typhoon Ondoy (2009) suddenly came w/out warning, preparation or advice from government?

    2. Why every year Philippines can't cope with or find solutions To Climate Change or Disaster Risk Reduction?

    In my years of research & study I finally concluded the only solution is Good & Responsible Governance.

    Sometimes people just need a wake-up call to start to care, to question, be aware or observe, and participate in Nation Building and helping each other.


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