Horrible #Filipino drivers ruin paradise!

I do not say this with prejudice….I would say it to any race , white, black , brown, Purple who treat their country like the Filipino's do in the Philippines: YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE IN THE PARADISE YOU LIVE IN!

You throw garbage everywhere, you use your public streets as toilets, you treat people who come and live here and spend their hard earned dollars as outsiders. You have no respect for anyone in your driving habits, you have no respect for pedestrians, be they pregnant women, old men and woman, school children or just the average citizen.

Don't ever point your fingers at me and say I am a boastful American. My wife is Filipino..my child is half Filipino…I live among you everyday, and quite frankly, it is not making me a better person. I take better care of your country than you do ….I use trash cans, I use the CR and not the streets, I try to stop for pedestrians and use proper and safe driving habits but YOU are turning me into the same kind of driver YOU are because if I try to drive like a decent person, I get horned and given dirty looks, passed on the right and left because YOU are self serving and in a hurry and don't have any respect for your fellow drivers.

And sadly , now I won't even stop to help someone hurt in an accident , laying in the street , even though I have 20 years of medical experience because you place MY life and My Family's life in danger by your stupid , asinine, selfish attitudes…. There, I said it ! Maybe now I can go out and drive tomorrow with a fresh attitude !

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  1. Most of the drivers are illiterate dude.

  2. I had a friend from college days that said: If God would allow him to kill 20 people; they would all be jeepney drivers. hehehe


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