Lamenting the deterioration to crap of #Philippines #children's television

During our childhood we had Sesame Street and its Filipino version Batibot (no I am not referring to male masturbation, corrupted minded basterds hehehe).

I can say, on a personal level, those shows were a big influence for me in jump starting my education. During the mid to late 80's pre schooling or even kindergarten was not mandatory in our province, when you start education you start Grade 1 agad at ang norm na age ng Grade 1 was 7 years old. Those children shows basically made me able to recite my ABC, read and write basic letters, numbers and shapes well before being enrolled at six years of age.

Well within the 90's there were these Math & Science educational programs sponsored by DECS (old DepEd) and DOST aired in PTV 4 during weekends which I liked to watch along with that "Britannica Adventures"

And furthermore, cartoons back then were ENGLISH DUBBED, seldom you would watch GI Joe, Transformers, He-Man, Centurions, Inhumanoids, Voltron, Voltes V, Sabre Rider, Mighty Orbots etc. in Tagalog (Tagalog lang syempre is yung mga local shows like Batibot) hence I acknowledge also that this had a big impact on my fair command of the English language.

At around mid 90's there where ATBP, Mathinik, Sineskwela, Epol Apol and these shows being discussed in the article which were cool, but since I have outgrown the genre did not follow them anymore.

I am not exactly sure when it started, maybe around the mid to late 90's around the entry of Latin Telenovelas and Tagalog Dubbed Japanese Animes like "Princess Sarah" and "Dog of Flanders". Sesame Street slowly went off the local channels, Batibot got a reboot. Imported cartoons began to be more and more "tagalized".

And I may add, way back wala ako naalala na popular FM Radio Station sa Metro Manila na tagalog speaking. DWKC (now KC FM), DWLS (now Baranggay LS), Love Radio (still Love Radio), DWRR (now MOR FM), Energy FM had English speaking and smart sounding DJ's that I find easy to the ears to listen to.

Putcha, ngayon lahat nalang PURO TAGALOG sa Manila TAPOS KUNG MANALITA PARANG MGA SKWATER AT POKPOK SA KANTO. Kaya pati mga kabataan ngayon halos ganun na din magsalita mga kamote. I remember that by my college days the local FM radio has deteriorated so bad that I was limited to only listening to NU 107, RX 93.1, Magic FM and RJ Radio as my decent local radio stations, now I DON"T LISTEN TO LOCAL FM RADIO STATION AT ALL.

With that I could say current local mainstream entertainment targeting the younger generationas far as free TV and Radio is concerned has deteriorated to absolute CRAP.

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