The people should share the blame in government's mismanagement of the country

In my experience, it's not "easy" to blame the people. Because the people in question tend to find every excuse not to look at themselves in mirror and take some accountability for allowing the public servants to mismanage the country. The people's inability to accept that they are part of the problem and that they need to change is something that we have been up against since GetRealPhilippine's inception. As a matter of fact, we have been receiving all kinds of abuse from those who resist the idea that the people should share the blame.

The truth is, it is easier for the people to blame the government. It is the default way of thinking. It's human nature to shift the blame to someone else when the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan. I don't know but maybe one has to be on a higher level of realisation before one can accept responsibility - that it was the people who put the public servants in power and it was the people who turned a blind eye to what the public servants were doing wrong during good times.

Did any of the members of the previous governments  go to jail for the debt crisis? Did anyone from the public sue or file a complaint against the public servants they keep blaming?


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