Do #Filipinos even know HOW to behave like an independent people?

Ako Muna – Me First

Mañana Habit – Do tomorrow what should be done today

Bahala Na – Whatever happens happens

Funny thing about all these horrible traits of the Filipino is it happens mostly AT HOME in the Philippines!

You take a Filipino out of the country, put him or her in a country that doesn't put up with any of that $hit and guess what? They become productive as hell!!! Why?

Simple: they are kept in line! Follow the rules or else face whatever consequence whether it's work related or society related. They are FORCED to abide, which is more than you can say about what happens in-country!

I like to remind people that there is NO LAW in the Philippines! There might be the APPEARANCE of law but not the ENFORCEMENT of it! What this does is it makes people in the society use anarchy as their means of navigating society. "Me first" works because nobody complains when someone cuts someone off in line so unless a fight breaks out or someone disciplines the perps, nothing changes. "Bahala na" works because they will fall back on something provided by someone else whether lawfully or not. Mañana habit is simple – why bother?

Here's how I see it: The Filipinos don't know how to be an independent society. For about 500 years, the Philippines was occupied by foreign powers who DICTATED to the locals who did what, when and where. You take that mindset, etched in the identity of the people then, without any kind of grace period, let them loose and run wild and free and you have what is happening today. People INSIDE the country who have no idea how to act as civilized people! It's just my theory and I really have no data to back it up but in my mind it makes sense because how else can you explain totally selfish, rude and uncouth the people can be? It's a mind bender and unless something drastic happens, the society will continue to march into chaos and disarray.

Unless you leave.

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  1. Because of this, I'm more led to believe that Pinoys are like the Zerg: without an Overmind to command them, they run amok and chaos ensues. (Or should I say, their Overmind is either the one causing them to run amok or just not strong enough which is why they run amok)

    No wait, Pinoys are EVEN WORSE than the Zerg.... :p


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