Is the Gay Rights movement killing childhood and getting out of hand in #America? #lgbt

Here in the US it's getting out of control. Organizations like the American Federation of Teachers are pushing to have homosexuality and gay propaganda be exposed to children ages 6 to 12 in order for them to view gay and transgender culture as things that are normal and acceptable. This can be dangerous since kids at those ages are not sexually mature enough to handle such content. Worst of all, more schools are doing this without informing parents because it is their "civic duty" to do so.

Gay advocacy groups have launched all sorts of anti-hate campaigns against churches, schools, hospitals, and businesses who differ in opinion towards the gay movement. People have been fired, sued, or publicly defamed as being "discriminatory" if they even dare criticize the homosexual agenda in the slightest bit. So the result? Our freedoms of speech and religion are slowly disappearing and real civil rights are now being eliminated. The public has been silenced, judges are now ruling in sentiment, and politicians have turned into cowards. In San Francisco there are naked old men parading in the streets wearing nothing but hats with children watching and nobody can speak out against it.

On top of that, the nationwide same sex marriage ruling was completely ILLEGAL. The US Supreme Court had absolutely NO business enacting legislation. They used the 14th Amendment, which only deals with giving citizenship rights to former black slaves. Where did they get the right to have same sex marriage from? Also, the 14th Amendment also says only Congress has the power to enforce the amendment, not the Supreme Court. Five unelected judges have NO right to create laws for 320 million Americans, that job belongs to the elected representatives in Congress. Everyone knows the ruling was illegal, but Americans went on and celebrated it anyway.

While everyone was being distracted and putting up their rainbow flags, President Obama signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership into law right under everybody's noses, which is guaranteed to take even more jobs away from Americans and keep corporate activity a secret from the masses. Great job, you idiots. You gave 3% of the US population the right to "marry" in any state but you're allowing the whole country to go further down the drain.

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