Knowledge of historical facts does not necessarily translate to meaningful insight @Xiao_Chua

The following snippet written by "historian" Michael Charleston "Xiao" B. Chua in his seminal rebuttal of Baron Buchokoy's gone-viral video Aquino-Cojuangcos: Facts They Don’t Want You To Know is a classic...
[...] even if you say that life was no good after EDSA, I would not trade this life for a life without civil liberties and a determination to chart my own destiny, EVEN IF I AM STILL POOR. Ninoy and Cory were not saints, but they did their best.

First of all if Mr Chua hadn't noticed yet, millions of Filipinos risk life and limb trekking to some of the most appalling nations on the planet just to earn a "decent" living for their families. That says something about how high in the hierarchy of priorities of the average Filipino this much-hyped concept of "civil liberties" really is. Perhaps Mr Chua has had his nose stuck so far deep into the past for so long that he's forgotten how to stick his head up and look around to regard the present.

Second, with regard to people "doing their best", I might defer to the words of John Patrick Mason (played by the venerable Sean Connery) in the 1996 movie The Rock...

Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and [frick] the prom queen!

The million dollar question remains, as always, an elegantly simple one:

Where are the results?


  1. be courteous enough to respect the stand and say of your fellow Filipino. Do you really know him that much? to say that he's elite and that he has forgotten about the present times? why use cyberspace to argue? why don't you talk to him instead of making flames in the cyberspace?

    my question is? do you see the video as gospel truth? like everything is true? my gaad. i pity you. you should take critical thinking again

  2. Argumentum ad hominem. Google that term, dude.


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