Justice Secretary Leila De Lima will have the charge of contempt of court hanging over her head for life

The only real loser coming out of the debacle after "Justice" Secretary Leila De Lima defied a Supreme Court order to suspend a travel ban on former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will be none else but De Lima herself. The tragedy here (for her, at least) is that she will most likely have been acting under the orders of her boss, Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III as Manila Standard columnist Jojo Robles sees it...
Had De Lima acted alone, she would probably be notarizing documents outside Manila City Hall these days, instead of preparing for her assured inclusion in the administration’s 2013 Senate slate.

Worse, still (again for De Lima), it seems that she will be simply hung out to dry by her boss...
And yet, in another attempt at ill-suited ingenuousness, Aquino said that he had merely heard about the filing of charges against Arroyo while he was in Bali [attending the ASEAN summit].

Was it worth being a Yes Man to a boss who will simply turn his back to you while the rest of your career goes down the tubes in the aftermath of a spectacular act of defiance against the highest court in the land that set a dangerous precedent for the future of institutional governance in the Philippines, Sec Leila De Lima?

Only time will tell.


  1. Serves her right. I don't buy the "just following orders" defense for her. Her profession as a lawyer -- which, correct me if I'm wrong, required her to take some sort of oath at some point -- did not begin when she began working for Noynoy Aquino. If she believes what she did was right, she's either incompetent (and I don't really get that impression of her) or has the personal ethics of a gila monster.

  2. That's right. She was hired for her qualifications as a lawyer and as such she would have been fully aware of the implication of defying a court order and therefore fully personally accountable for her actions.


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