Conrado 'Noynoy-is-Aragorn' de Quiros continues to throw tantrums about Corona's appointment as SC Chief Justice

The venerable Conrado "Noynoy is Aragorn" de Quiros huffs and puffs in his recent article Two trying to lead us to believe that the real "issue" surrounding the constitutional crisis that is flaring up in the aftermath of the Philippines' Justice Secretary Leila De Lima baldly defying the orders of the Supreme Court (SC) to suspend her travel ban on former President Gloria Arroyo is really all about the right of SC chief justice Renator Corona to sit in the office he currenly holds.

Consider for a moment that (1) there is nothing in the Law that barred Arroyo's appointment of Corona and (2) de Quiros's position was argued on the quaint basis of "delicadeza". After considering that, suppose, for argument's sake that de Quiros's laboured point in his article is worth considering. The question then to ask is this:

Which is the bigger crime, still? De Lima's defiance of a Supreme Court order? Or Corona's being a "midnight appointee"?

Which of the above two is potentially more damaging to state institutions and the continued stability of the government and the society at large?

Too bad bozos like de Quiros cannot see beyond their tired Aquinoist "power-rests-on-the-will-of-the-people" drivel. What is otherwise a crystal clear picture of what is going on continues to escape the blinkered minds of these old demagogues who, perhaps for their own good, are best regarded as the museum pieces that they are.


  1. i really hate it when these media people keep harping about the sc being an "arroyo court". is this not the same sc who voted for the postponement of the armm polls? these people are the ones fomenting chaos instead of promoting sobriety. besides, wouldn't the argument against corona, and other so-called arroyo appointees, be just as applicable to the aquino-appointee sereno? i mean, sereno's voting pattern are clearly along the lines of the executive's orders. and puh-leez! enough already of barraging us with her dissenting opinions. as midas marquez said, she was in the minority, so she lost the vote. i didn't vote for bs, but i was in the minority, so i just have to deal with it. zombies are such whiners!

    AND i really take umbrage at de quiros for comparing a character from one of my favourite novels of all time with bs da turd! grrr! >:(


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