For those planning another ocho-ocho people power thing at the airport, think again...

Learn from the past so that you don't come out looking like chumps in the future. Check out how Edsa "revolutions" DIED in this c.2005 GRP classic (excerpt below)...
So, in effect, Filipinos would have not accepted their duly constituted institutions and duly elected officials as the official authorities on the "Truth" yet would have easily relied on a street mob in yet another Fiesta Revolution to dictate and uphold said "Truth". This is tantamount to arbitrarily voiding Congress and allowing street mobs to call the shots from hereon. That it seems is what many Filipinos want. However, Filipinos have a track record of never going the whole nine yards when it comes to "revolution" (or anything else for that matter). Thus we have nothing more than Fiesta Revolution -- so much hate and tunnel-vision, but none of the conviction and wherewithal to go for the gold. The fact is, even in the happy sport of "revolution", Filipinos exhibit their world-renowned mediocrity.

Planning a "people-enforced" watch list order? Here's my advise:

Stidi lang kayo dyan...


  1. The mindset of the elite needs to be changed first, and hopefully, they'll spread what they learned from us to the masses...


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