Clash of the puppets: Aquino COMELEC battles with Arroyo Supreme Court

Clash of the Titans? Or clash of the puppets? The whole brouhaha around the request of former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to seek medical treatment abroad which was blocked by a travel ban issued by Leila De Lima which was then suspended by an order from the Supreme Court (SC) which in turn was defied by De Lima has become a grand show of political puppetry...
Within one day [of De Lima's defiance of the SC order], the charge was produced by a joint panel of the Department of Justice and the Commission on Elections [(COMELEC)], an arrangement that raised questions about why the Comelec was working hand in glove with the administration when it is supposed to be an independent institution, not the government’s prosecution arm. This irregular arrangement immediately cast doubt on the independence of the Comelec and the credibility and fairness of the process of putting Arroyo on trial.

From Titans to mere puppets. Consistent with the renowned Heritage of Smallness of Philippine society, this is also becoming a show of the Incredible Shrinking players. Both camps have achieved nothing other than diminish both themselves and the entire society they presume to lead.

But that's the Philippines -- a country of people who deserve their leaders.


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