So what if Piolo Pascual is gay (not that there's anything wrong with that)?

For the most part of its history up to the present, the Roman Catholic Church and many other organised religions refused to recognise that gay people are human beings with feelings, dreams, and aspirations. Despite wide acceptance today that sexuality and sexual orientation are complex attributes of the human experience that cannot be summarily classified or labelled, Philippine society continues to take its cue from its role models in spirituality and society -- from (1) the Church's adamant stand that being a homosexual dooms one to a life of irredeemable sin and from (2) its celebrities who make their millions from ridiculing and parodying the nuances and behaviours of homosexuals.

Yet, gay people have contributed significantly to human civilisation, culture, and science. The father of modern computing, for example, was a homosexual. Alan Turing, the man who proved (what we take for granted today) that machines can, in theory, perform any kind of mathematical calculation using just a handful of binary logical operations committed suicide at a young age after he was persecuted by the British government for his sexual orientation. Despite serving his country as British Intelligence's chief code cracker during World War II, Turing ultimately could not be accepted for who he was by his own government.

On that note, we might ask, so what if Piolo Pascual is gay (allegedly)? Oh, I forgot. The influential child of a megastar has something to say about that.


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