Just out on the Inquirer.net! A report on the PinoyMonkeyPride's viral video!

Classic Yellowtard rhetoric (the kind you'd hear from infantile Aquinoist "debaters"). This is what laces the Inquirer.net report on PinoyMonkeyPride gone-viral video Aquino-Cojuangcos: Facts They Don’t Want You To Know just out now. Check it out:

From Budget Secretary Florencio Abad:

"meant to distract attention from controversies like the departure bid of former President Arroyo"


"black propaganda"

From Aquino political adviser Roland Llamas:

"the work of forces who are now being threatened with numerous cases"

See the full report here!


  1. Oh Media. By responding they're only giving the video more power and awareness.

    While I like how the video shed light that the Aquinos aren't God's gift on earth I found it important to note that the video is very one sided. That doesn't necessarily make it bad, in fact I believe it elicited the responses the video was intended to, making it a very successful propaganda video. I think it's just important to remember that the video doesn't give insight to both sides of the story and is edited in a way to get very specific responses from people.

    With that said, I am hoping that videos such as these can spark debates among people to start conversations that seemed to be lacking for too long. Until now the media has been doing all the talking for us I was afraid that people have forgotten to think. This video seems to have garnered strong responses from people that were previously quiet or apathetic. I like that. Hopefully the discussion will continue to happen and not just die off here.

  2. Mass Media, especially those in the PH, ain't exactly the kind of source that many people here trust nowadays, given that some of the most credible info regarding PH and World history are mostly found on the Net; well, that's just me.


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