Noynoy Aquino will have to continue to lie to cover-up Leila De Lima's contempt of court

Simple principles outlined by Manila Standard columnist Jojo Robles today:

(1) You may disagree with a court of law but you may not defy it.

(2) Charges filed against Arroyo were rushed and the people behind it coerced.

(3) One need not be pro-Arroyo to see the error in what MalacaƱang did to the justice system by defying the Supreme Court.

(4) The charges against Arroyo are weak and will struggle to get through any court that is headed by a decent judge.

(5) The fact of who appointed the justices of the Supreme Court provide no bases for accusing them of biased decisions.

Read the full article here.


  1. There's a hanging question regarding the TRO that needs to be answered though: what really were the conditions set by the Supreme Court, and were these actually fulfilled such that the TRO came into full effect?

    This technicality makes or breaks de Lima's contempt case.

  2. For so long as Aquino and his mob feel that they have the upper hand and, as such, resting on their laurels, that hanging question will not be exploited -- at least not until the next desperate 11th hour which is most likely just around the corner.


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