The foundation of the cancer of The Filipino Condition that has fatally taken hold of our society

I've always maintained that the problems of Philippine society at the most fundamental levels are rooted in the upbringing of the typical Filipino child -- how they are, at an early age, exposed to their parents'...

(1) tolerance for petty thievery, banal incompetence, and substandard workmanship;

(2) encouragement of the finding and taking of shortcuts (even at the expense of those who strive to follow the rules) and rewarding success at such quests; and,

(3) insistence on deference to people on the bases of seniority and credentials.

When one considers a society with a foundation held up by such conceptual pillars, it becomes less surprising that no amount of political solutions have ever proved to be effective at mitigating the effects of the profound cancer known as The Filipino Condition that has fatally taken hold of the collective psyche.


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