More juicy hearsay stories about the Barretto sisters!

Following the whole brouhaha at the NAIA Terminal 3 involving Claudine Barretto, Raymart Santiago, and Ramon Tulfo, some more factoids surrounding the characters in this spectacle have been re-emerging. Apparently there are a lot of anecdotes about the appalling behaviour of the Barretto sisters. Here are some of the jucier allegations.

Claudine, was once waiting for a domestic flight holding a Philippine Airlines economy ticket. She asked one of the ground crew to be allow her to sit in the business class lounge while waiting for the flight. She was denied, of course, but then she was said to have said something to the effect of “what, you mean you expect me to sit and wait with them” while pointing to the people sitting in the economy lounge.

Then there was the story about how Claudine's elder sister Gretchen who works out at Fitness First in RCBC Yuchengco Building was in the elevator when another lady stepped in. Gretchen allegedly asked her aid to tell the lady to get out of the elevator. The lady then in turn said “get out of my building”. According to the story, it turns out the lady was a Yuchengco.

As ET the Extraterrestrial once say: Ouch!

[NB: Above short article based on a comment posted on Get Real Post]


  1. Angas ng mga Barreto ah... dapat sa kanila buhusan ng asido ang mukha!!

  2. Ang lupit naman kung ganun.....maganda pa rin na nagpapakita ng kabaitan at kabutihan sa kapwa...

  3. proof that money can't buy certain kinds of class.

  4. someone must teach these Barretto sisters a lesson they will never forget.they are arrogant for they know they are popular because they are actresses..they could influence people easily...maybe they are always thinking that the Philippines is just showbiz habitat..sad to say its true, Filipinos got a lot of affection to movie actors and actresses as proven in Philippine politics..

    1. and thats the reason why we are in the third world country because theres no much brain involve, they thought if your a movie star, you can run the Philippines

  5. It only shows that these sisters got no breeding. Parang langaw na nkdapo sa ibabaw ng kalabaw.

  6. Claudine and Raymart and their gang should not have bullied and lynched an unaccompanied and helpless senior citizen. Ano kaya gawin sa kanilang mga magulang yung ginawa nila. Senior citizens are given more rights than younger ones because they already have contributed much to the country and society.

  7. barreto had no right whatsoever to berate an airline employee even if she lost a luggage... that employee was in the arrival side of the flight and how could she have had any involvement in the lost luggage? barreto's hot temper shows her true color...

    raymart's acts of physically attacking tulfo was barbaric to say the least... he could have merely talked to the mediaman and requested for the deletion of the photo... besides, the photo does not portray any bad actions on the part of barreto... tulfo showed it to the public and i;ve seen it... unless he did not show it all...

  8. ang sabi ni raymart ay kinausap daw si tulfo na bigla nalang masumuntok sa kanya eh ang tingin ko sa news ay sila ang ang nanununtok sa tao pinagtulong tulongan nila ang matanda at nagdemanda pa sila .mainit ang ulo ni claudine dahil sa economy ang binili nilang ticket..dahil hindi millyonaryo ang asawa niya gaya ni gretchen kahit pakabit-kabit lang milyonaryo naman ..

  9. ang nabasa ko sa news noon ay bi-polar si claudine kaya maysipak ang ulo mabunganga.diba nagaway na sila ni raymart at iwinidraw ni raymart ang pera nila sa bangko ...

  10. Hindi naman siguro sira ulo si mon tulfo para sipain sya ng wala syang ginagawang masama, maldita syang talaga,yang mag tulfo tumutulong sa mga naapi at galit yan sa mga ng aapi yun lang.

  11. Ugh. I remember THAT incident. A close family member used to work directly under the "Dragon Lady" of Yuchengco, that very same lady Gretchen disrespected.

    Gretchen's had a very diva attitude even back then, in fact, she's been known to litter her clothes on the floor while her yaya picked up after her in the lockers at Fitness First. Or harassing her 'mother-in-law' who I heard back then didn't like her for 'destroying' her husband's then marriage by frequenting the same salon and going there to antagonize her.

    So why am I not surprised her sister acts that way? That family is twisted, and the daughters are model examples of what our own daughters SHOULD NEVER be.

  12. Kung anong puno sya ang bunga. Anong pagpapalaki kaya ang ginawa ng magulang nila sa kanila. Parang iisa lang attitude nilang lahat.


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