Sunday, June 29, 2014

Culture of impunity: Honda #UEI320 hit side mirror threatens to run over owner!

Honda UEI 320 hit my side mirror. Mirror fell in the street. I ran after the car. But it kept on driving. Caught up with it after several blocks. Driver didn't even want to acknowledge his fault.

I stood in front of his car to take a picture of his plate number. He drove into me. He actually hit my legs.

[Posted on Facebook as personal testimony by Tina Panganiban-Perez.]


  1. you're pretty impunitive yourself.

  2. Heh.. Must the be Honda driver... lol

  3. In that situation, you could ask assistance from other cars around you to block that car's way. You'd be surprised that there are people willing to help that way.

    Wish your blog had a login using fb account. Its so much easier to comment that way.

  4. Kasuhan mo kasi. You have the evidence. Walang mangyayari dito.


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