#Philippines government should issue an ultimatum to #SAF44 killers!

The government should set a deadline for the MILF to comply with its demand to capture and surrender those who perpetrated the killings. Failure to comply within the deadline would be an option for the government to mount an operation and accomplish the task required.

I know it's very easy for civilians like us to talk about 'war' but the reality is we, the civilians through the president, have the duty to determine the course of such delicate issues. And I say, of all the criticisms the president is getting in running the gov't, these killings will be the acid test of his capability to lead this country.

This is big time. Decision to wage war against enemies has always been a standard leaders are measured of. How will PNoy handle the problem will be put under the microscope because this is no longer an ordinary corruption allegation or social bungling or petty mistakes or political gaffe that we ordinary read on this blog and elsewhere. We are talking of people who were killed while doing official acts under the authority of law. This is about the reputation and dignity of our men in uniform who looks up for guidance and leadership to civilian authority in safeguarding the safety and national security of the country.

What happened was unacceptable and no amount of political rhetoric will right the barbaric wrong done. The mission is to pursue and make the guilty pay and face the the consequence of their despicable deeds and the MILF must be reminded that they are not exempted on that mission.

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  1. The law must be upheld. Irregardless who is at fault. The mere fact an armed group who claimed to be revolutionary but coddles, refuge, and protect intl terrorist is a terrotists. The brutal killings are marks of ISSIs and the like.
    The president has to stand and upheld the law in order to obtain peace and justice, in way of war if needed...


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