National language: tool for uniting or dividing a country?

ENGLISH is best for global external application, but internally, FILIPINO, in a fragmented archipelago just like ours, aims to unite our people. The Philippines is not only Manila or Cebu or Davao alone for one. A National Language is a socio-cultural, historical thing. It's our IDENTITY as a people!

Language, more than anything, is a tool of communication. It's suppose to be The TIE THAT BINDS…a Nation! UNITY through Language, that promotes Understanding and Cooperation, is PROGRESS!

Chairman Mao, ideology aside, will have a hard time unifying an immensely huge country like China if not for unifying power of their language! Japan and Korea patronize their own more than others because they are united by their own language. You see, it really is cultural!

I totally agree with the statement that "…knowing how to speak English fluently has always been the strong point of Filipinos and is one of the things that has helped us keep up with the global community." It's a GOOD Thing!

However it becomes BAD, if "Some people, usually the more elite (or people who think they're elite), use English as a symbol of their self-proclaimed "superiority". As one GRP lady writer declared "Good English is an effective tool for intimidation in the Philippines." It is SNOBBISH and it is DIVISIVE! That's why we tend to be more Regionalistic rather than Nationalistic. Promotes Kanya-Kanya Atitude!

Although ENGLISH will definitely have to stay and be learned alongside ours, there really is a need for a true NATIONAL FILIPINO LANGUAGE if only for the reasons stated above!

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