The failure of the spirit of #EDSA is the failure of ALL #Filipinos

We keep on blaming our politicians but we do not look at ourselves. We are also part of why the Philippines is what it is today after Edsa I. We have all the laws that you can think of, very good laws. The problem is, not just implementation, but our willingness to follow the law. Karamihan sa atin walang disiplina. Sabi nga nila sa Pilipinas "bawal lang pag may nanghuli".

We experience this every day. Just look at how Filipinos are on the road. Whether driver or pedestrian. Walang kadisi-disiplina. And take note hindi lang PUVs ang walang disiplina karamihan pa nga private vehicles. Traffic na nga mag counter flow pa di mas lalo nag traffic. May over pass di gagamitin. No parking, magpapark. Also, sa Pilipinas ang umiiral na systema ay ang systema ay ang konsepto ng "who you know and how much you have".

Napakadami magaling mag bigay ng opinion sa nangyari sa Pilipinas at kung bakit hanggang ngayon ganito pa din tyo. Pero bakit di natin tanungin muna mga sarili natin. Have we done our part to help improve our country? You'll be a hypocrite if you say yes because i doubt that not once in your life hindi ka gumamit ng systema na "who you know".

As for our piliticians, we have the power to change them pag dating ng elections. Unfortunately, we waste that power. Also, nandun pa din mga pansariling interest natin dahil nga sa systema na "who you know". Bottom line here, we are part of why the Philippines has not progressed after EDSA. Kasi after edsa hindi tyo nagbago at naging worst pa because our wrong concept of democracy.

Democracy without discipline is anarchy.

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