#Philippines 'central' government imprisoned in a deal with FALSE representatives of Filipino Muslims! #Bangsamoro

The US never fought an internal war of its own the way we do. It involves itself in conflicts, wars, etc. because it not only has interest in many countries but it is a superpower acting as the global police. She fights the wars of others as a means to protect theirs and her interests in the long term. And not only that, the military industrial complex as a money-making enterprise makes war America's business. Network of contracts and flows of money and resources among people and countries is the order of the day, hence, America needs to fight wars and engage in skirmishes and conflicts in order to oil the wheels of the business.

We are none of those. We are not in the business of war. We're in the business of peace and justice. Peace with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and justice for those who perished in Mamasapano, an area in Mindanao that is under the control or jurisdiction of the MILF, a group that threatens the state with arms and violence and self-promoted itself as the representative of all Muslims in the country that entered into a peace agreement with the government. That, in spite of the fact that there are splintered or breakaway groups breathing side by side with it where the massacre was committed.

Last I looked, the government and the MILF are having a series of meetings and negotiations towards pursuing to the end the peace agreement they agreed on not too long ago. I don't know where the 'military solution' idea comes from. That is a thinking that is so 1980s.

The opinion that ANYONE holding a gun is the bad guy regardless of uniform will be an idea worthy of suicide if you are attempting to invite a discussion with that as a subject matter. Unless it is a personal philosophy, I'm not going to elaborate on that very weak view unless challenge.

To the MILF, how can you represent yourself as the voice of the Muslims when you cannot even silence the breakaway groups that also speak the same language you do: violence? How can you be the representative of the Muslims in a peace process when you cannot even extract and differentiate yourself from those of the enemies of peace?

In Tagalog, we ask you this: SINO NILOLOKO N'YO?

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