5 events that define the history of President BS Aquino's administration

I can define BS Aquino's presidency in five events. First, the Manila hostage taking where a handful of Hong Kong residents were killed. I remember it vividly. As a housewife who is always tuned into the radio, I remember wondering why no one was paying attention to the situation. It started in early in the afternoon and ended at night. Not one of the "smart boys" from the Aquino government gave a hoot. To make matters worse, we found out that BS Aquino was having dinner in some Chinese restaurant nearby. He was excused from this.

Second, the Yolanda typhoon where he showed insensitivity and callousness. He had the nerve to talk about being hungry when he's never experienced the pain of going totally hungry because of EXTREME poverty. He showed no compassion for the people that had lost everything. Again, he was excused from this.

Third, pork barrel. He welcomed that pork-looking Napoles to Malacanang, To make it worse, he even escorted her to her cell. Then he denied he knew her. Again, he was excused.

Fourth, the Zamboanga siege. I can't remember much about this situation. But what the heck! I want to blame our idiot president just the same!

Fifth, the fall of the SAF 44. Up until their fall, I had no idea there was a place in the Philippines called Mamasapano. Yes, call me stupid and ignorant. But at least I have no presidential ambition. Seriously, how long will it take us to see that we under the sovereignty of extreme stupidity? Please don't tell me BS Aquino will be excused from this.

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