#PNoy tight-lipped as crisis of confidence in the #Philippines govt festers! #SAF44

Since Oplan Marwan, this President has been acting strangely. First, he goes to Zamboanga without advising the Malacañang Press Corp 24 hours prior to the trip as they are wont to do. Cotabato City Hall, a six-hour drive from Zamboanga, because of prior notice, waits for him whole afternoon. He does not show up in Cotabato City in the meantime that news start filtering out of 44 SAF operatives are killed in the operation. News, or rumors, are leaked that he either froze, or worse, commanded the reinforcing troops to stand down to save a questionable peace treaty called BBL instead of saving the 44.

Instead of directly answering the news, he makes his pubic appearances as sparse as possible. Instead of directly confronting the damning allegations, he allows as many investigating bodies as possible. Now that all these investigating bodies are all being perceived as attempts at whitewash or cover-up, we are being fed with the hashtag #PNoyPaRin? You all must be baliw, a thousand more baliw than P-Noy na talagang baliw na. PNoy must be guilty, a broken man, or tuluyan ng pang-mental hospital. Nag-ambisyun ng hindi nya kaya. Na-baliw.

Now that I doubt a resignation from a baliw is possible — coup, semi-coup, people power, etc are also doubtful — why don't we bite the bullet and really consider now Binay taking over? Considering China, Malaysia, MILF, ISIS, etc., isn't it that what we need now is somebody who is MAGINOO PERO MAY PAGKA-BASTOS — hindi yun diwag, sira-ulo, o illusyonado? Si Binay ay street-smart, butangero at palaban — yun nga lang mukhang magnanakaw at plunderer pa.

We can't allow a treasonous act to persist. We can't allow a mad man in office a minute. That is where future generation will judge our generation. Dito nyo makikita na maaring mas corrupt pa si P-Noy dahil mas magaling sya magtago ng pagka-corrupt kaysa kay Binay. Ang pagka-corrupt ay hindi lang yun nag-bubulsa ng pera sa kanyang bulsa kung hindi yun din gumagamit ng pera ng bayan na parang personal money nya, kagaya ng PDAF at DAP. Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap — mas marami mahirap ngayon, eh de mas marami corrupt ngayon. Mukhang maganda ekonomiya ngayon — hindi po dahil kay PNoy yan. Dahil sa OFW, BPO, international market. Kahit sinong presidente ngayon, ganyan ang Economy dahil sa dynamics ng international factors. Si P-Noy walang ginawa sa manufacturing and agriculture na nagbibigay ng trabaho.

Ang masahul sa kaso ni P-Noy ay hindi natin sya makukulong. He can always plead insanity. HE CAN ALWAYS PLEAD INSANITY — tandaan nyo yan. Wala pong batas laban sa sira-ulo o sa bobo, meron po laban sa pagnanakaw. Mas madali natin maikukulong si Binay kaysa kay PNoy. Pero si Binay hindi papayag na bastusin tayo ng MILF, ISIS, Malaysia, o China.

Yes, the Philippines has deteriorated dramatically compared to 1986. Just look at our choices.

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