Frequent visitor laments the colossal wasted opportunity that is the #Philippines!

I have a love/ hate relationship with this country.When I'm away, I long for the desolate beaches, the warm climate, the friendly smiles. But when I'm here, I wonder what the hell was I thinking?

This potentially beautiful country is turning into an absolute shithole, and nobody seems to care, and thats where I get lost, I cant for the life of me figure it out.Trash strewn about everywhere…polluted waterways…people everywhere burning plastic, polluting the air, complete disregard for your neighbors by allowing dogs to bark and/or music to blast all night, very unhealthy dogs roaming the streets, street kids all over the place, poverty, filthy living conditions, traffic issues, terribly low wages and/or no jobs, age discrimination, overcrowding, this list goes on and on.I tip my hat to the filipino people for being resilient and able to grin and bear it, but when is enough enough?….Which raises the question, why is it like this?

Personally I think it is a combination of things…the crab mentality plays a very important part, as well as the the fact that opposing the group view is frowned apon, anybody that expresses dissent is outcast,and the inability to take any kind of criticism is absolutely shameful….can you not humble yourselves enough to see the forest for the trees? Aren't you confident enough in yourselves to say hey, maybe we need to rethink things, maybe we can do a better job? Maybe we haven't go it right, but we have the knowledge and the manpower and the willpower and the creativity and the spirit to straighen it out now before its really too late?? What the hell would Chief Lapu Lapu have to say about the current state of affairs in the Philippines? Where is your spirit people??

Every single person in this country should be appalled at the collective lack of courage in this nation today…I say it is high time you all put on your big boy shorts, and rise to the occasion !

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