#EDSA 1986 failed as a 'revolution': #Filipinos too dumb to vote wisely

How could you implement democracy in the Philippines when the average voter has average or below-average IQ, not to mention that they are uninformed about issues and have no concept, whatsoever, of what democracy means and what influences they have as citizens?

It is common knowledge that politicians take advantage of dull minds, buying votes through give-away t-shirts or other trinkets that easily entice the impoverished. It would take massive effort to inform citizens and raise awareness of what democracy means. But if media is powerful enough to bombard its massive viewers with brain-numbing programs, why not use the same medium to bring education and knowledge that would empower and equip citizens to vote intelligently and discriminately?

But perhaps those who control media design their programs as such to keep the majority ignorant and numb. Perhaps a grass root level approach would work, and that would require revolutionists. But isn't that what EDSA attempted; and what is there to show today? Obviously something went wrong.

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