Suggestions to organizers of rallies against #Philippines president BS Aquino #PNoyGameOver

1. Agree you now have the crtical mass. The Manila Times survey showing 48% blaming Aquino directly for the SAF 44 is clear majority since the 52% breaks down to small percentages blaming the army, milf, napeƱas, the situation, etc. Strike now while iron is hot.

2. Agree with your argument that even if P-Noy's term has one-week to go, he still has to resign if only for symbolism so that never again should anybody run for that office if he/she is a nincompoop or has no solid qualification to show. Palace repeated call that people have to consider that P-Noy has only a year left anyway is sending a totally immoral or unethical message.

3. Please ask the following not to participate:
3.1 Norberto Gonzales (and all the other Cabinet members of Gloria.) They represent a cure worse than the disease.
3.2 Peping and Tingting Cojuangco (and all other personalities that are well-known Trapos) That is not moving forward. They represent retrogression, and worse for these two, they are washing the dirty laundry within their family, and that just makes us vomit.
3.3 the Lefties or the permanent fixture of street rallies. ..ah maybe, not possible. Ah well, maybe we just have to accept we will always have leeches in the society.

These are okay:
3,4 Fidel Ramos is okay for he is the last one that did not bastardize the dignity of the office. He just retired and didn't run anymore for any lower public office. Important that office gets back the dignity it used to have before Erap, Gloria, and P-Noy.
3. 5 Boy Saycon is okay too for he is very good in mobilizing the upper echelon, military and civilian. I like that he goes back to his private life once he has done his job.
3.6 Cdl Vidal is okay to show Church is supporting it and to neutralize the current president of CBCP who is becoming the spokesman of PNoy.
3.7 Get more young faces. If you get Grace Poe, then that rally will indeed end P-Noy because then you have the masa support.

4. Call it semi-coup, transformation, or whatever. Anything that will invalidate Binay's right to succession.


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