A #Bangsamoro 'nation' in #Mindanao led by terrorists will be a big menace to peace!

I'm not sure whether people know this, but in fact our Muslim brothers from some Muslim areas in Lanao staged rallies protesting the BBL. Why? because they very well know that it will be the MILF leadership that will call the shots if and when the BBL passes.

Iligan City, for example, which is 30min from marawi city (proposed part of BBL) and a little less from Balo-i (also proposed BBL territory) is home to many Christians, as well as Muslims. They share the place.

Now the general sentiment of Iliganons is what will become of them if they stray a little bit into Bangsamoro land? Will they be summarily shot as the policemen from SAF were? Simply because they failed to "coordinate"? With whom exactly? MILF leadership? Why exactly? Are those grounds not Philippine soil, hence, free to every Filipino regardless of religion or ethnicity?

I want to remind the government and the people outside of Mindanao, that not all Mindanawans are Muslim. Not all Muslims are MILF. Not every Muslim wants to do with the Bangsamoro. Certainly not every Mindanawan wants this either. Take a plebiscite. It shouldn't be so hard… instead of deciding from a thousand miles away the fate of a people you do not know enough or effectively care for enough to want to know what they really want.

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