#Filipinos are ill-mannered condo #neighbours

I am a foreigner and live in a condo unit. You know what? There are certain Filipino residents here that can’t even push their garbage down a trash shute completely. How hard is it to give one foot/pound of force so it will go down all the way? They just leave it. They sweep their hair, and dust out of the unit expecting somebody to clean it up instead of walking it to the garbage. They don’t even hold the elevator for you and see you are coming. If you take one extra second of their precious day, it is too much. I can go on, but that is enough.



  1. i can relate to this and its regardless of my being filipino...i was shocked to just see the trash put out outside their door ,,my reaction was WTF?!?!?!?!... im quite sure that they could have called someone to pick it up at least, or throw the trash out when they go out


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