#Filipino #cuisine needs to develop a dedicated foreign fan base who delight in it in order for it to go #global

Filipinos limit themselves to the home when it comes to making their food. It’s all fine and dandy when you’re just inviting friends and family, but word of mouth can only go so far.

One of the fundamentals of establishing ethnic cuisine overseas is to develop a dedicated foreigner fanbase who delight in the food. When this group grows, other people would want to check to see what all the buzz is about. Modify the dishes to suit the country of origin’s palate is a plus. Don’t serve them unorthodox foods right off the bat until they’re ready to venture into it. Most of all, create an atmosphere that’s aesthetically pleasing. I’ve been to Filipino restaurants in other countries and the best way I can describe most of them is they have as much class as a high school cafeteria. Forgot to add, but keep the establishment clean and sanitary at all times. That should be a given. All these require a bit of advertisement, business sense and luck.

Filipino cuisine has the potential to move out of its relatively obscure status limbo. Just spruce up the presentation and add some pizazz (no pun intended) to it and it can easily go toe to toe with the likes of Thai, Viet and Korean restaurants.



  1. I've been to a Flipino Resto in Canberra named "Kusina" & I think they have pulled it off. They have managed to elevate the cuisine but still stay true to it's roots. Not just Filipino food but good Filipino food. as a result they have good reviews & repeat local customers. Check out their FB page https://www.facebook.com/KusinaRestaurant#


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