#Philippine mindset and economy geared towards serving Western society

I do agree [..] that there is a reputation for prostitution in not just the Philippines, but also south east Asia in general.

I don’t pass any judgement on the girls that do it because as others have pointed out, they can earn much more money from this line of work compared to working in a call center or any other regular office job. These girls may also have children or families that depend on their support for medical reasons or simply day-to-day living expenses, so I can completely understand why someone might want to do it.

I also feel that there is a mindset in the Philippines to serve the west, not just in prostitution but also in terms of BPO and tourism. The country’s whole economy and main sources of finance are geared towards supporting foreigners, and in many ways (as previously mentioned) the prostitutes are actually helping the overall economy as it attracts more overseas visitors to the area.

I don’t however agree with the statement that this is ‘all filipinos have to offer visiting troops’ – this country has some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches and islands in the world as well as excellent food, accommodation, hospitality and a very rich cultural heritage.

Personally, I would always choose to hang out socially with Filipinos over foreigners, especially the old foreigners you normally find in the Philippines!



  1. You consider this kind of writing cutting-edge insight? No wonder people say you pander to those who don't think very much.


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