#Filipinos look like idiots whenever they rabidly come to the defense of their 'pride'

We need to learn to just laugh it off. Our sense of humor is outdated.

America gets a lot of crap from everyone else in the world, but they just laugh it off, ignore it, or even acknowledge it as true because they're so powerful, they're guilty of being powerful. Heck even Mexicans I know laugh at the teasing thrown their way, it's just a fun thing. On the other hand, we feel the need to defend ourselves from even the most pathetic attempts of an attack - showing how feeble we are in the world stage.

Every time someone attacks Filipino culture, they're having so much fun at it because they get death threats that never happen, non-sequitors, and piggybacking on the success of a certain Filipino (ie Pacquiao) - but never a real laugh back (only condescending "laughs" that show that they are affected by the attack).

In other words, people just gotta chill. You're making yourself look like an idiot getting pissed at every little thing that offends you out there.



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